Alopecia Areata(Hair Fall)-Causes,Types and Prevention

Alright, so hair fall or medically termed as Alopecia Areata is no hidden problem in today’s world. In fact as much as 50% of the world population faces hair fall in daily life but what they fail to determine is the type and cause of it. Alopecia areata refers to condition in which hair starts falling out form certain parts of the body especially head and scalp leaving behind patches. Alopecia is one of the most common skin problem among both the genders, male and females. In general every human has about 1,00,000 to 1,50,000 hair strands in head and out of which each person looses 100 per day. Which is normal as they regrow. But problem occurs when this number increases to 250-300 per day. Hairs are made up of protein known as Keratin. Hairs are the extension of dead Keratin cells.



There are many reasons as to why Hair fall occurs. Here are a few general ones:




Autoimmune disease-


Autoimmune disease is a condition in which your immune system starts attaching your body itself. In many cases it may lead to hair fall from the body and supress or stop the hair growth. Alopecia Areata can some time be associated with other autoimmune conditions such as thyroid disease, diabetes etc.


Hormonal imbalance and medication-


Several medications and drugs may causes hormonal imbalance in the body which may lead to hair fall . These are some of the major causes of Alopecia Areata which are generally diagnosed in patients but these are just suggestions. If you are suffering from hair problem its best recommended to visit a professional.



Genetic factor-


Alopecia areata , male pattern baldness etc and other types of Hair fall may occur due to family history of prolonged Hair fall which suggest that heredity could be a factor. Studies have shown strong chances of hair loss among people in families with two or more affected members.




Generally people are familiar with only few types of alopecia or hair fall such Male pattern hair loss etc. But there are other types that are less popular. Knowing the type of hair fall may doesn’t help you much but it helps your dermatologist to provide you better treatment and also is good to be known. Here are some types of Hair loss or Alopcia.


Male pattern baldness or Androgenic Alopecia



Most common kind of hair fall seen among people is Male pattern baldness in men and female pattern baldness in women. Male pattern baldness or Androgenic Alopecia is more of a genetically transferred disorder and can be seen in as early as early 20’s. People suffering from male pattern baldness or Androgenic Alopecia suffer hair fall from crown and receding hairline especially along the temples. After a while Forehead becomes broad forming M shape. Gradually hairs become more thin and brittle causing Hair fall. These are a few characteristics of Male pattern baldness or Androgenic Alopecia.

Just like Men, women also suffers from hair fall generally known as Female pattern baldness or Androgenic Alopecia. Thinning of the hair oN the entire scalp, AND extensive hair loss at the crown with  hairline at the front intact are a few characteristics of Female pattern hair loss.


Involutional Alopecia


With the age, most of hair goes into resting phase, reducing the hair growth, which causes thinning and gradual decrease in the volume of hair. Also making them brittle. This is a natural condition which occurs with age in 90% of the people. This type of hair fall is known as Involutinal Alopecia.


Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata generally starts off suddenly. In this condition Hair falls out in small round patches from the parts of the body generally head leaving behind round small bald patch. Some times situation worsens and leads to total baldness or known as Alopecia totalis. In most cases hairs normally grows back after few years . Genetics generally play important role in Alopecia areata.




Many people especially children have psychological issue of pulling out their own hairs. This condition is known as Trichotillomania. In this condition head shows broken hairs instead of total baldness.

It’s more easier to treat Hair loss once you know the type you are suffering from. There are a few other types of Alopecia but its rather hard to differentiate them so lets leave it to proffesional to examine. Although a perfect treatment can only be prescribed by your Dermatologist or medical aid. But its no harm to save some bucks and try Home remedies for hair fall. Here are some medically effective treatments otherwise if you wanna give them a try.





Although there is no sure short treatment for Alopecia areata other than Hair transplant but still here are a few medications and procedures that might help to regrow hairs. In many cases corticosteroids are used. Is is an anti inflamatory drug which suppresses the immune system stoping the hair fall and starting hair growth again. It can be taken through injections, ointment and orally. Although there a few side effects to it but it is one of the most prescribed treatment. Another medication is Minoxidil. Although Women should use Minoxidil only after consulting a doctor as it may lead to Hirsutism in women. It is an antihypertensive vasodilator medication and is used for treating hair loss. It is available in 2%, 5%, 10% solutions and there is no major side effect or no in most of the cases. These are a few medication and apart from this if the affected area is small, cosmetic camouflage is also an option although its not that much of a treatment.

Many people, who can afford a little expense also opt for hair transplant. In hair transplant some hair from other parts of the head or body are applied at the infected part covering the bald spot. Although Hair transplant is expensive but it is one of the most effective remedy. But do consult an expert before getting a hair transplant or under going any procedure as it might be not healthy for you or you might have allergic reaction to some of them.

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