Best high Protein foods for vegetarians

One thing that is as true as the Sun and the Moon is that Diet plays the most important role in the fitness regime to achieve the desired goal. And one important part of that diet is Protein. Most of you will agree to this and this is the reason why trainers, professionals ask you to spend loads on protein powders, meat etc etc. But there is big misconception among masses that only a non vegetarian can fulfill the desired amount of protein and vegetarian food is just hay sack. But it is highly inappropriate and in fact the reality is totally opposite.


Vegetarian diet is highly rich in protein,and you can’t agree more once you read this article. Vegetarian diet contains a lots of high protein foods, all one need is to properly schedule it throughout the day. The best part about the vegetarian sources of protein is that it is far more cheap that compared to meat and others. Here are a few sources of proteins for vegetarians.

High protein foods for vegetarian

Dairy Products

dairy products


Undoubtedly, one of the most common food products in almost everyone’s life are Dairy products. Ranging from Milk to Yogurt, cottage cheese etc. these all are a staple part of our diet. And the best part is these are rich sources of protein for vegetarians.

One cup of milk contains as much as 8-19 grams of protein where as cottage cheese has 14-16 grams per 100 grams. Yogurt contains 10-12 gram of protein per 100 gram. This is fairly high amount and can make up for most of our protein requirements. Dairy products can provide 30-40 grams of protein which is a considerable part of our requirements.








Seitan, a Japanese word which roughly means ‘made of protein’ is a staple ingredient in many Asian, Buddhist countries. Seitan is made up of gluten extracted by the wheat flour. It’s texture and taste highly resembles to that of meat, hence is used as a perfect replacement for meat  in many dishes. It is only meat resembling dish that does not contain soy as well.

Seitan is made by washing wheat flour with water until the solid granules get washed away laving behind the sticky Gluten. Seitan is one of the most important sources of protein for vegetarian. It contains as much as 25 grams of protein per 100 grams. Seitan  can be consumed in number of ways and thus can form a healthy and tasty protein source for vegetarians.

Soy Bean and Tofu




Soy bean is a very rich source of protein which contains all the necessary amino acids. The best part is soy bean can be consumed in a number of ways such as Tempeh, Tofu and in vegetables and salads as well. Tofu is a low fat substitute of cottage cheese where as Tempeh is made by culturing and fermenting soy bean( also known as chaap).

Soy bean may contain as much as 25-28 gram protein per 100 gram raw, where as Tofu contains 8-10  grams per 100 grams and Tempeh contains as much as 18 grams per 100 grams. This a fairly high amount of protein for vegetarians.

Nuts and Nut butter


nuts and nut butter


Nuts such as Almonds, Cashew nut, Ground nut and Pea nuts not only are a very rich sources of proteins. They are highly rich in fibre content and good fats. They are also very rich in anti oxidants and contains Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorous and other plant compounds. Nuts contains as much as 8-10 grams of proteins depending on the variety of nuts.

Just like Nuts, Nut butter are also very rich in proteins such as Peanut butter etc. Not only they are rich sources of protein but also can be consumed with Ezekiel breads etc and can be healthy and tasty snack.

Ezekiel Bread


ezekiel bread


When we talk about whole wheat nutritional bread, Ezekiel bread comes to the top of the list. Made up of organic compounds such as Wheat, Barley, Millet, Corn, Lentils etc, Ezekiel bread is one hell of a bread.

Not only it is highly rich source of protein, it contains all 18 essential amino acids. Hence it is a complete bread.Ezekiel bread contains approximately 4-5 grams of protein per slice. More over you can consume it with peanut butter etc making it more rich in proteins.

Beans and Lentils


beans and lentils


Beans such as Kidney beans, red lentils etc are essential part of Indian cuisine but they are also one of the most member of family of Protein rich foods.

Lentils may contain as much as 9-10 grams of protein where as Beans may contain 20-25 grams of protein per 100 gram depending on the variety and quality of lentils or Beans. Lentils and Beans are also considered to be highly rich in fiber content and also contains good quality carbs. They can make a very important as well as healthy source of protein for vegetarians.





Considered to be one of the healthiest food product, Quinoa is not that popular a dish in South Asian countries like India. But is a very rich and important sources of protein for vegetarians. Quinoa like Amarnath is not prepared from plants and thus are also known as Pseudocereals.

Quinoa contains as much as 8-10 grams of protein per cup and can be a perfect substitute of rice. Quinoa is also highly rich in complex carbs, fiber, iron, phosphorous , manganese and magnesium and thus is a very nutritional and healthy part of vegetarian diet.

Chick peas and Hummus


chick peas and hummus


Chick peas just like is highly important part of Indian diet. It is consumed both as vegetable and as salads. Chickpeas also known as Garbenzo peas, contains as much as 16-20 grams of proteins per serving and thus is a very important source of nutrition.

Hummus is a paste formed by fermenting chick peas and is consumed as sides in many dishes. But Hummus being made from chick peas is highly rich in protein content and thus can be included in diet as an important source of protein.

Chia Seeds

chia seeds


Chia seed is also an important protein rich food. Chia seed although contains only 2.5-3 grams od protein per table spoon but contains 9 important amino acids. moreover, ALAs, is the specific type of omega-3s which is found in chia seeds, that can help decrease the risk of heart disease to a greater extent.


Chia seed is very  versatile. Chia seeds have the ability to  absorb water, and turn  into a gel-like substance. This makes them to be an ingredient to a variety of recipes, such as  smoothies , baked goods and chia puddings.





Well, although many vegetarians consider it as non-vegetarian but many don’t.  What ever it is Eggs are one of the most important part of a vegetarian diet rich in protein. A single Egg contains as much as 6 grams of protein. Although you can remove the yolk part from the boiled as it contains a lot of fat and only 1 gram of protein. Where as the Egg white contain as much as 5 gram of protein.

The whites are rich sources of selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper as well. Hence are very healthy part of our diet

Whey protein powder


whey protein powder


Apart from all the foods sources rich in protein as mentioned above, you can also consume protein Whey powders available in the market. Many people have a conception that these are the suppliments that cause more harm to the body than good.

Whey protein consumes as much as 25 grams of protein per scoop and is perfectly healthy to consume in a limited quantity and hence is most important source of protein for vegetarians.

These all mentioned above are the most important protein rich foods in a vegetarians diet and are enough to fulfil one’s protein requirement.

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