Best Ways to Get Rid of Love Handles

One of the most Stiff and unattractive part of an obese person is that thick fat tyre like structure around the belly region sometimes make a buldge around belly. This fat is also known as Love Handles. Love handles are not just ordinary fat that will reduce with morning jogs or a little bit control. Love handles are the excess fat stored around the belly over your hipbone.



How to lose Love Handles


Some of the most common question asked are How to get rid of Love Handles. The answer is Yes, but nothing comes without a cost. And removing a stubborn fat such as Love handles may require a lot more efforts than one can think. In removing any kind of fat or maintaining fitness, there are only two factors important:


1 Diet


Any Bodybuilder or Fitness Expert will always agree to one fact that ” Abs are made in the kitchen”. When we do the exercise, it helps us to consume excess calories in the form of energy which is derived from the excess fat stored in our body in the form of Love Handles or Belly fat or some other form. Now after exercise, what plays the most important role is how We consume the lost Energy and in what form. Our diet can help us to replace excess fat with muscles or fat depending upon our sincerity towards our diet.

With increase in junk food consumption and easy Door step delivery options, today’s generation is more prone to obesity and almost every other person is caring unnecessary Love handles along with them. The first step is cutting out all the Junk Food, excess Carbs, Sugars, and unhealthy Fat from the diet. Consuming these products nulifies all the hard work and Dedication put up in those Early Morning Walks and exercises. Once of twice a month is more than sufficient while on a strict balance diet.



Soft drinks, Cakes , Sweets are all the source of Addictive sugars and these should be strictly banned from the diet. Junk foods like Pizza , Pasta etc are huge sources of unhealthy Fat and Carbs which will cause the fat accumulation and hence increase Love Handles.

Now after cutting all the unnecessary things from the diet, time to put focus on fulfilment of several nutrients. Proteins, Omega-3 fatty acids and fibers are the most important part of the diet to reduce Love handles.




Now there are large number of Protein sources available in the market. But due to reserved amount of fats and Carbs in Diet a few sources such as Dairy products etc are not that much beneficial. Body requires Protein to develop and grow muscles so it is one of the most important part of a Diet. Include lean protein sources in Diet such as Fish, chicken etc. Protein can also be consumed in the form of Whey.




Fiber is one of the most important part of the diet. There are two types of fiber i,e, Soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber helps control Fat and Lower cholesterol where as insoluble Fiber helps food pass through your digestive system.

One of the ways to reduce belly fat is to reduce calorie intake and control your diet. Fiber helps to supress appetite naturally. Due to decrease in calorie intake and thus reducing fat.

Some of the common food products rich in Fiber are Nuts, whole wheat, berries, brown rice, wheat etc.


2 Exercises


Now controlling Diet is not enough to reduce Love handles. It requires strict routine and discipline to reduce such stubborn fat. There are many prevelant myths about workout schedules and exercises that people blindly follow. This is the reason you can find many fat people running wildly for hours on treadmill and doing all forms of cardio only. Best way of reducing fat is by including Cardio and Weight training both in exercise routine. cardio helps to reduce fat but weight training is also very effective as it uses energy which is consumed from extra amount of Fat and calories stored in our body.



While Strength training consumes more calories amid an exercise, opposition preparing enables the body to fabricate slender muscle and consume more calories very still.

Joining obstruction preparing with oxygen consuming activity has been appeared to be extremely powerful to burn off tummy fat.

Truth be told, one investigation of 97 overweight and fat individuals found that a blend of opposition and oxygen consuming activity was more viable at lessening body weight and stomach fat than either high-impact exercise or quality preparing alone.

These are a few ways in which one can easily reduce Love handles or belly fat. One thing that is important is that both Diet and Exercises are important parts and should move hand in hand . Even not paying attention to may lead all efforts in vain. Love handles are one of the most stubborn fats and requires a total attention and discipline.

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