Cardio and Strength Training: The perfect combination for your Workout

Now if you have been to gym or enthusiastic enough to do a workout at home, you must have confronted one question and might have received a variety of answers for it as well.

How to plan your Workout?

Well, planning is Important. Whatever you do, you need to have a plan or an order in order to ensure success of that activity, no matter whether it is your Business, workout or any other thing. A proper workout plan is one of the most important aspects as there are a numerous ways in which you can create a systematic plan depending upon your targets and present situation. Knowing the perfect stature for your workout is extremely important as your body demands separate energy levels and react accordingly. If you are facing problems with your workout plan than this article can be a lot helpful for you.

Before moving any further I would like to share you the most important part of your workout i.e. Warm up. Yes, you heard it right. The warm up is actually the most important part of your workout because it is the one, we pay least attention to. Gym or Workout to most people is going in, lifting up weights, a little pull ups and push ups and that’s it. A little warm up before starting a workout is very important for your body. It helps to loosen your ligaments, joints, muscles and heat up your body for the intense workout. So is the importance of stretching after and before workout. You might not know but starching and warm up can actually reduce the chance of injury in your body. Our body muscles and joints are always relaxed so stretching and warm up heat them up and therefore makes it easy for these parts to lift weights and adjust to the movement.



What comes first: Cardiovascular or Strength training?

The next very important question is whether one should do cardiovascular exercise before or after strength training. This is also one of the most commonly asked questions among fitness enthusiasts. The answer simply lies in the biology of the workout and body. Cardiovascular exercises aims at reducing excess fat from your body and increasing stamina by tiring your body with the intensity interval training. Your body muscles break down quite a bit and you might not have sufficient energy to do strength training properly. This is the reason why it is better to go for Strength training prior to that of cardiovascular exercise.


Strength training


But many other people prefer to go other way round as well. Many consider cardiovascular exercises to be more tiring and tend to skip as compared to Strength training. This is why they prefer doing cardio prior to strength training. This method is more suitable for the people with excessive body fat whose aim is fat cutting and muscle building for the time being.

In particular there is no set step by step guide for the perfect workout. What might be working for one might not be beneficial for the other. It completely depends on the target and body structure of the one exercising. It is always better to consult a professional; who can suggest you the workout plan that suits you. But one thing that is clear is that your workout should include all of the three things i.e. Cardio, Strength Training and especially Warm up.

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