Hirsutism – Causes and Treatment

Hirsutism is a medical condition in which thick and coarse hair grows on the unwanted parts of a women such as chicks, upper lips etc. Almost every women grows hair in these parts but they are so thin that they are not practically visible. And thus they get them removed. Hirsutism in the extended case where the hairs grown are as thick as men’s beard and are visible.


Hirsutism is not a major disease  but no women would want to see those thick hairs on her face that hampers her beauty. As much as 5-10% of women suffers from Hirsutism. It is caused by excess production of male hormones such as Androgen which promoted male traits and hence excess hairs. Hirsutism in generally a result of underlying endrocrine imbalance and is a common problem among dermatology and gynecology clinics. It is major reason for psychological distress and distant social interactions.


What is the cause of hirsutism in females?


There are majorly three causes of Hirsutism among women:


1  Genes


Hirsutism is a genetic medical condition and thus anyone with a family member suffering from it is likely to get diagnosed with Hirsutism. It is a very common problem among middle eastern, asian and meditteranean people.

2  Medication

Many drugs and medications can change the hormonal balance of the body leading to gowth of unwaanted hairs on body, such as Hair  growing solution, Minoxidil, anabolic drugs and Danzol etc. These medication can cause Hirsutism among women.

3  Hormones

Hirsutism can also be caused by increased level of male hormones also known as Androgen. This may lead to increase in the  male traits such as facial hair growth in women. Some reasons for increased male hormone are :

Polycystic ovary syndrome – It is caused by imbalance in the sex hormones which mai cause infertility, irregular periods, obesity, and cyst on ovaries.

Cushing’s syndrome – When our adrenal glands produce a large amount of stress enducing hormone cortisol, it may also lead to Hirsutism or from medicines such as prednisone.

Tumors – Sometimes androgen secreting tumor on ovaries or adrenal glands may lead to Hirsutism as well.

These are a few causes for Hirsutism, always consult a doctor before coming to any result, as many of the times it might not even be the condition. It could just be irregular hair growth.





Many women wanting to remove these unwanted hairs seek different ways to remove them. But first the causes of unwanted facial hairs in women must be known. Here are a few temporary as well as permanent treatments to cure Hirsutism.


Temporary methods to remove facial hairs


Waxing – Most women prefer waxing the skin in which hot wax is applied on the skin affected and then removed quickly removing the hairs as well. This process provides very effective permanent results.

Shaving – Unwanted facial hairs can easily be removed by Razors and Electric trimmer. These are not permanent but temporary treatments to extra facial hairs in women and needs maintainence and repetition of procedure from time to time.


Permanent methods to cure Hirsutism


Weigh loss – Due to excess body fat, our body sometimes produce excess male hormones which promotes facial hairs in women. So, you can drop that weight so that body produces less male hormones and thus it cures itself. There is the perfect ingredient which may help to reduce waight magically and is absolutely healthy i.e. Green coffee beans extract and it’s benefits.

Laser Hair removal – If you are unhappy with daily shaving and waxing then laser hair removal may be the best option for you. Laser targets the roots of hairs and sometimes you may have to repeat the procedure a few times. Laser hair removal is one of the most effective treatment for facial hairs in women. Laser treatments are also used to cure Alopecia Areata or Hair loss.

These are a few treatments and insights about Hirsutism but this article is just for the purpose of knowledge. If you are suffering from the condition, consulting a expert is the best option. A specialist may determine the problem and provide an accurate treatment for the same.

Hirsutism can affect a Women psychologically as Facial hairs is something a women would want to see last on her face. Hirsutism puts people in a awkward social spot where they become more excluded from the society. Hirsutism has more mental effect that physical ones so it is better to get treated before the problem worsens.


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